Environmental Data Analysis and Visualization

Nice Pattern You Got There..

Warm-up exercise

Download and read in the abalone dataset

Create a dataset that contains only length, diameter, whole weight, and rings; be sure to multiply the numeric values by 200 to bring the data back to their correct values

Using a hypothesis test, evaluate the relationship between either

  • Diameter and number of rings

  • Length and whole weight

Visualization Critique

Time Magazine

Visualization Critique

National Geographic

Visualization Critique


Visualization Critique




What do we have left to learn?

  • Making a model

  • How to get EVEN MORE control over your visualizations

  • Reaching your audience


Assignments remaining

  • 2 labs and 1 coding assignment

  • Final project: the poster

  • Final project: the notebook

Activity: Make data happen

The remainder of today’s session will be dedicated to making sure you have some data in working form to start building your final projects.

Create a file system for your final project and start a Quarto document for your project.

Before you leave today, have at least one of your datasets in a state that it can be read into R and explored. You will need this to complete next week’s lab!

If you have questions about your project, now is a good time to ask!