Environmental Data Analysis and Visualization

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Warm-up exercise

Go to Canvas and click on the Where Should I Eat? link

Follow the instructions and provide information about restaurants in the Boston area (you don’t have to like them to include them)

Enter at least 2-3 restaurants into the form

Visualization Critique


Visualization Critique

Pew Research

Visualization Critique


Activity: Where Should I Eat?

Download the whereEat.csv file on Canvas and convert to

Activity: Where Should I Eat?

# A tibble: 1 × 6
  Timestamp           Name     Rating closeFriday Longitude Latitude
  <chr>               <chr>     <dbl> <time>          <dbl>    <dbl>
1 26/10/2023 15:34:10 Semolina      4 22:00           -71.1     42.4



Activity: A Story in Three Images

Working together in pairs, go the Canvas assignment and choose a story from a list. Your task is to convey the main idea to us in three images without using images directly from that story.

Use the internet to find (tasteful, appropriate) images to tell your story. Add these to the Canvas response.

In each image, think carefully about how

  • Beginning, middle, and end

  • The setup, rise, apex, resolution

  • The mood of the story

Base Maps


Next week

  • Data Science in Space! Part 2

  • Raster data and the terra package

  • Making maps that